Saturday, October 22, 2005

Subtle function overloading

Quite often I rediscover my own old posts and learn new things from it. This time I am revisiting the very first post
I came up with a puzzle to "entertain" you guys! Predict the output of following program. You know where to look at for the explanation.

const int FIRST_TIME = 1;
template <typename T>
void func (T &)
static int var;
if (FIRST_TIME == var)
cout << "Printed once." << endl;
cout << "Printed more than once." << endl;
int main(void)
int a1[4];
int a2[5];
func (a1);
func (a2);

Printed once.
Printed once.
I would rather have a static checker to guard me against such subtle things.


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